About Us

The Will of the Enlighteners

200 years of Byzantine slavery, 500 years of Ottoman tyranny, 44 years of socialist dictatorship, 23 years of democratic domination! And yet we are here, and yet we are. The treacherous attempts against the Bulgarian and all attempts to eliminate the resistance and manipulate his consciousness made him even stronger, even more sober and even more combative. There is tension in the air, above Bulgaria. We are moving tangibly to the moment when everyone’s retribution is catching up! According to Mikhail Nabokov, “nothing brings to life memories like a pleasant ‘scent’ of the past.” And what is the true “scent” of Bulgaria and its children ?! In order to remember it, we have to go back to those years, centuries and years ago, when we could feel the greatness of the Bulgarian perfume. There are many reasons and sources, who have saved us as a people. Faith, traditions, values, character and more. But definitely a key moment in our survival was playing out the knowledge and the rare messages from Heaven, when Providence decides to send us some valiant and unreservedly bold, and in a nice, crazy gadget to light us with its light. Part of our purpose is precisely to search for and find exactly one or more “Normalists” who are prepared to fight the Windmills, even though they know the cause is doomed. Leaders and positioning them within a seemingly hopeless environment make the difference between winners and losers. These symbolic images of triumph bring victory and make us dream, giving us an example that hope still exists and it throbs in every Bulgarian heart. 

Generic memory, knowledge and information flow are in the top 10 of the most important “products” a person can own. Anyone can deprive us of the freedom of the Bulgarians, everyone can press and pat us as he pleases, or rather if we allow him. Wealth and money come and go. Such is life – transient and merciless. But the one thing that cannot be taken away from us and on which we can stand an entire empire is knowledge. The gigabytes we store in our heads are invaluable and determine our existence, consciousness and direction.

We, the members of this community, the Enlighteners, invite everyone to join us. Knowledge is evolving and embarking on a new step in its development! Mind is revolutionizing! The cult of the book is built on a pedestal, from which only the ignorance and negligence that our permanent opponents will prove to be able to pull it off. But we will fight side by side, hand in hand – as poets, as militias, as Bulgarians. We will fight injustice, ignorance, manipulation and progressive mental regression. This is where we will really try to build a home for all of us and feel like real Bulgarians. No unnecessary fragments. Without hatred. No envy. No attacks. Without mass psychosis. No nasty and low paid news. No hypocrisy. Different points of view united in the name of the Holy Truth, which is sometimes at your fingertips, but often with her like a fornicator, paid scribbles, gingerbread parvenues, ghostly poseurs, and cheap rulers. We are the “Preachers” of a new cause. Sincere, sinful, pleading, able, ignorant, outspoken… real!