Collector: Now or Never!

“But in the storm we will be with you again,
my people, because we loved you! … “

N. Vaptsarov


They say that the simpler the statement, the more brilliantly oriented it is, unfortunately for anyone who reads these lines, simplicity will be integrated into someone else’s literary creation, but not mine, because today we don’t need a retrograde vision, but something that will burn our destined destiny. I can not express myself correctly, and of all professions in the world I have become a scribble, but please do not be confused with a newspaper.

Bulgaria loved many sons, pure and simple, because they deserved it. There may not be, or at least the past does not remember another nation so capable of using the sword, rifle and pen equally well to win the right to be on the huge stage of history where honor, dignity and loyalty extend, but her hypocrisy, insidiousness and arrogance. The epochs we have gone through as a multitude have never been favorable to us, quite the opposite, but something or some always manage to get us where we belong… right on the high tower that guards the gate to Asgard. And from there the view is magnificent. In my job, I often have to meet people, all sorts of people – more people and few people. I talk to them, argue, duel verbally, and arrange mentally. The last debate was with an Englishman, about faith and unbelief, in the context of historical heritage! He was adamant: “We English have cathedrals, palaces, huge museums and a strong state, and you, you have nothing.” I smiled, looked him in the eye and told him, “The French built the Notre Dame de Chartres, the Germans the Cathedral in Cologne, the Italian Basilica of Sts. Peter, and you are St. Paul’s English, but you miss the important point that the Bulgarians filled them with love and faith. Yes! Your huge bricks and endless roofs are impressive, but I carry the faith in my heart, and you, my brother, have corrupted your mind. The greatness of a nation is not measured by its size, but by the quality of its units! The greatness of a people is not measured by wealth, conquered territories or the blood trail left behind, but by cultural and spiritual range, and in that capacity you can be sure,

A long time ago Nikola Vaptsarov promised everyone: “” But in the storm we will be with you again,
my people, because we loved you! … ”And came out right. Like the prophet, he was able to see and appreciate something that shortly before him and a small number after him had been able to see. My people are collectors! He loves to collect trophies from every threat that has come before him. He collects them, arranges them, and hangs them in a conspicuous place where any other enemy can see them, before he thinks, to take any action against him, perhaps this is the main reason they hate us. Bulgarians have a strange but quite useful evolutionary gain. They also fix the danger and the carrier, which automatically triggers some strange “alarm”, like an alarm clock, and this prevents them from being easily manipulated. They are in no hurry or late! Rebellion and sobriety always comes with the right time and the right amount of justice. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself Communism, Theocratic Monarchy, Democracy, Illuminism, Oligarch or Banker the outcome of the war is very clear. Welcome to the Barricades!

And here we are! Standing at a breaking point, on the highest shore above sea level, they spread their arms proudly, and do you see another moment and we will fly, carried by the wind of the purifying dream. We are one step away from hovering in the heights or falling like a stone on the rocks. Some will say, “What this madman is saying to us, we are not birds, we cannot fly!” On the contrary, my friend, we are birds, exactly, of that breed that can be raised from the ashes. How do we do it ?! Don’t ask me, but feel it. Shut up for a second and listen to the silence, you can learn a lot from it, and after that moment of dilemma, you are ready to shout, to shout like no one in Europe has long shouted. Do you have anything to lose ?! Having – “your great job”, “your son’s car kit” and “house with an unpainted roof” because you never save money to finish it. What did they get you? – honor, dignity and pride, but you do not lack courage and courage. From now on you are left with the choice you make. Be it or not ?! Just think about the future, how after 5, 10, 15 or 50 years you were lying down comfortably, about your last dream on this earth, and you wonder what it would be like if you had the opportunity to go shoulder to shoulder with some of your brother or sister who are tired of treating them like cattle, and believe me, you will be ready to replace all your days spent in just one day, telling the adversary opposite: “You can take our dreams, our lives and all the benefits to him, but you cannot take our freedom! “

For BULGARIA, it is worth “Collectors” mine: “Now or never!”