Love, failure and hope

Love, failure and hope


Once again I promise myself

that for the last time in my ranks I mention you.

Once again I open the album,

open old pages of a long outdated movie.

Once again I hug our blankets

and I feel your warm embrace,

even though I have long been cold.

People argue with me,

that I have many people,

and I argue with fate,

that I cannot and do not want to forget you.

You are my church,

memories are my icons,

fire is love,

that warms my young years,

and hope,

that you will come back are my candles.

Ever since they left, they always burn,

waiting for you to come back,

to extinguish the fire of loneliness and guilt.

People say – “Lovely girl, don’t look back,”

but how, having a wonderful stay in the past.

My first love took all my feelings

and hopes. My heart will not love another,

my kindness will not stop warming one’s heart.

It’s like running water –

she never returns, she has her memory.

And as much as the rivers flow, it remains.

No matter how many shores I hit, it doesn’t change.

By Diana Kostova