Tervel in front of the walls of Constantinople – episode 3

Tervel in front of the walls of Constantinople


Violins, flutes and pianos !!! Do you hear them ?! They play for you, dear Bulgarians! From London, through Paris, Berlin and Vienna, all the way to Prague … they all play for you in different tones. Some use Mozart’s tone, others Bach’s pity, others Vivaldi’s rhythm, others instill violent feelings in Beethoven’s seemingly symphonies, others simply catch all the scores and throw them to the sky, the wind picks them up and stirs them up, playing with them as unrighteousness. playing with the oppressed. And this Philharmonic sends its beeps to the Cosmos to ask for help, because an entire nation is fighting for its Freedom. An act rarely seen in our time, but worthy to be noted as it is. “The whole world is now watching,” and the example we will give is more relevant than ever. It doesn’t matter how many cars you have, fat bank accounts, beautiful lovers or luxury houses! The courage and right to fight for your future is still on the agenda, which remains uncertain and unclear. But somewhere in the distance, the sparkle has a mysterious spark, and it tells us that we have already done this exercise. Strangely and inconsistently, history works, like a typewriter, some as if pushing keys hard and rewriting the past, present and future. The poorest people in Europe are able to set an example for the wealthier residents of the “Oldest Continent”. It is time to look honestly in the eyes and then turn that look to our children, because if we are looking for motives for reunion, what a stronger motivator than the purity of the child’s gaze. No need for my dear Bulgarians to mention that we are no longer fighting only for electricity, steam or water, the battle is already a far higher goal – BULGARIA !!! Following the news that has circumnavigated the entire internet that Sunday’s protest is being joined by the Bulgarian army, which has not once or twice shown itself as a worthy guardian of the Bulgarian, it must be clear to all that the Bulgarians will shout so high that their cry echoes to the end of the ever-expanding universe because they are already fighting for the honor of their wives, for their homeland, for the tears in their mothers’ eyes and for the love of their children, and a handful of talentless representatives have stood in the back to a rotten one leprous system that is representative of the anti-moral, anti-human and moth-eaten coat, which arose during the Bulgarians removed from their backs! Although it is winter, even though it is still cold outside, my siblings do not feel cold because the desperate man,

From now on, the war is about our empty churches, empty schools, our empty homes, our empty stadiums, through our full streets! We light candles outside the spiritual abode, because we have confidence not in religion but in our own capacities! The bell beats loudly to awaken and purify us, to give us a new signal and a new direction. The school bell does not ring to bring our children together to hold them against each other. There is no longer any knowledge of forgiveness. From our homes we no longer hear the laughter of children, but the crying of mothers and newborns. The stadiums are no longer winning medals, but are silencing the Bulgarian anthem through ideological taunts and petty controversy.

You may never hear of a more plundered nation than mine, who, though taken away from him, retains all that he needs to win, his will. My dear crippled European, who sits on your well-built country, listen to the desperate attempts of a nation that once again tried to forge its independence in the winter of 2013, indicating that this may be our karma, which God or some super-intellect has given the Bulgarians when consumerism and matter reign across the globe, the most despicable people, to show reason and morality inherent in Achilles or Hector only. Sleeping Bulgarians is as successful as sleeping a child who wants to play and create. They never managed to blunt him, they never managed to kill him, his heart is endless and when the world needed help he responded, remember the name of the million times sold by your people – the Bulgarians. And now, like the handful of nationalists who, in the summer of 1877, fought like revolutionaries, lions, and poets on Mount Shipka, and managed to surpass even their most powerful enemy, now they are once again facing the same challenge, even if the participants are different, they are again the same ones that history will remember as “The Brave at the Foot of the Top.”

My dear Bulgarian, brother by fate, blood and worldview, separated from social prejudices, religious dogmas and economic and political interests, it is time for empathy in Christ’s size, because where love ends, hatred ceases, where smile ceases, where smile ceases tears begin. Many calls point to pacifistness, humility, and lack of provocation, but accept everything here as incitement, because what else is there to give as a coin in addition to our souls, who already long for such a suffering triumph. Are you confused ?! Who are yours, who are strangers? Who is telling the truth, who is lying ?! Who do they love, who do they think is evil? Bulgaria is looking for a Leader for the last step before going up to the Palace of Odin, before the Valkyries take with them the bravest wars and turn them back to your help, people! Read this and remember it well! You have never been alone in your battles and now they are praying for you up in Heavenly Paradise, your most beloved sons are sitting and smiling that you are rebelling against the enslaveer – whether his name is Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, Parliament or International bankers, they are proud and the opportunity to express your only simple wish that you want to live well. And like your great predecessor Tervel, you are now standing again on the walls of Constantinople in episode three, and destiny again wants to make a choice about the dilemma: “Will you save Europe or not? Will you give worthy resistance?” Do not be fooled by the threat is more current than ever, and evil comes with all its military might, to absorb all the peoples of Europe into his gloomy paste. Rest assured that what is happening is directed only, and completely separated from you by the barbarians, we are weak, but we strike as one with a hammer that does everything in salt, and this salt is capable of biting even the sweetest life of any tyrant. 

Thank you people for having them and for always having roared against your enemies, who are now more frightened than never before and your most beloved births will be there with you, side by side, heart to heart !!!