The Black World of Vaccines by Dr. Gary Nal

A huge number of scientists, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals believe that the ingredients in a vaccine are individually and synergistically proven to be effective and safe. For their part, the public believes that vaccines are sterile solutions (excluding the specific virus they contain), free from unwanted pollutants and free from substances that do not appear on the manufacturer’s information leaflets. Many believe that when a pediatrician injects a vaccine into a child’s body, everything is as it should be. In other words, the belief is that vaccines are produced under ideal conditions, for the sake of our safety and that of our children.

But our investigation showed that most people do not know what a vaccine actually is and have no idea what the active ingredients are, listed on its label, inert ingredients, and especially hidden ingredients. Not to mention taking the time to study the subject, review the scientific literature, and discover the truth. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out that truth is easily discoverable. But this is the truth that will scare you to death!

(bp – It’s really not difficult to find out the truth about vaccines in the US because of the huge amount of writing and video material available to everyone and the many independent organizations involved in health education, especially in this area. However, in Bulgaria the situation is It is very different. It is extremely difficult for us to find accurate, accurate and objective information about vaccines. but I don’t know how to betray myself at the moment).

Therefore, in order to understand in depth, accurately, accurately and scientifically the methods of producing vaccines and their hidden ingredients, we will examine the investigation of British journalist Janina Roberts. In it, she painted a completely different picture of the secret world of vaccines, for which nothing is mentioned on the information labels and labels. This is the same Janina Roberts who brought to light the story of the bloody diamond genocide in the Congo, as well as the destruction of Aboriginal communities by the Australian government.

This Janina report is truly appalling given the facts that emerge from conversations between senior WHO officials, federal health agencies and vaccine experts, ie. those who decide whether or not a vaccine will be approved. Her findings are based on official records of meetings held, as well as her personal records of emergency meetings on vaccine issues. It is they who confirm that the global and health experts on vaccines have come to a universal agreement on the lack of an adequate solution to the potential and unpredictable harms of the hidden ingredients!

The story begins with the experience of industrial vaccine makers in reducing their manufacturing costs by obtaining government approval to use cancer cell lines. According to them, these cancer cells were “immortal”. Current vaccine production methods utilize animal cells such as fertilized hen embryos and monkey kidneys, but they die quickly during the cultivation process. At the same time, the use of production lines with cancer cells is much cheaper than buying animals, especially monkeys, which must be sacrificed to prepare the necessary material for vaccines.

In her investigation, Janina reported two separate meetings, one to the Advisory Council on Vaccines and Related Organic Products, held on November 9, 1998, and the second, almost a year later, to the Research and Development Division. regulatory policy. The talks were conducted at a scientific level between senior government officials and scientists-experts from the Federal Drug Agency (FDA), the Centers for Biologics Evaluation and Research, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases diseases (NIAID – National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases), the World Health Organization and others, with each organization providing evidence and confirmation that all vaccines are dangerously contaminated!


The talks focused mainly on influenza vaccines, the combined measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and yellow fever vaccines, which are produced on the basis of fertilized chicken embryos for virus cultivation. While on one hand fertilized chicken embryos are ideal for cultivating certain viruses for influenza vaccines and MPR vaccines, on the other they are live incubators for a huge number of known and unknown viruses in the animal kingdom. Although not naturally transmitted by their animal host to humans, they do contain genetic chains that are injected directly into the human body, have the potential to cause many unpredictable severe reactions by influencing or fusing with human cell genes!

Therefore, vaccines are, at best, a bad science, as they introduce into the bloodstream foreign chemical and gene substances that would otherwise not have to enter the body naturally. Considering the vast amount of known and unknown genetic material and foreign protein that vaccines inject into our bodies, we report the rapid spread of terrible epidemics among the American (Bulgarian) population – childhood diabetes, various inflammatory and immunodeficiency diseases, asthma and new types of allergies , acute gastrointestinal disorders (such as Crohn’s disease), chronic fatigue syndrome, and various neurological disorders (autism, attention deficit disorder, and attention deficit disorder with iperaktivnost, Parkinson, Alzheimer and others. ) – then we have to think seriously about their reasons. And we must avoid the kind of belief that industrial vaccine makers have in their strict policy of depopulation and genetic materialism, by which they try to explain the causes of these diseases without taking into account the huge amount of toxic chemicals in emulsions and preservatives. vaccines, foreign genetic material, and pathogens that are introduced into the body from infancy to old age!

At one point, it became known that the reverse transcriptase enzyme remained in the final vaccine solution. This enzyme has been used to this day as an indicator of the presence of a retrovirus. During the formal meetings discussed above , the WHO decided not to publicly disclose this gene contamination, in particular to the MPR vaccine, and to withdraw it from the market, while continuing its safety studies in rally laboratories!

Janina reports that Dr. Arifa Kahn of the Federal Medicines Agency has confirmed the following: The activity of the reverse transcriptase (OT) enzyme in the vaccine was linked to retroviral particles from two separate viral chains (viral strains) : Avian Levokosis Virus (ALV) and Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV). One of them, ALV, is a cancer virus that causes leukemia, to which Dr. Kahn states: “There is a theoretical possibility that this virus can … infect a (human) cell”. Generally speaking, this means that the ALV virus genes can integrate into human DNA, thus causing cancer to develop.

The Federal Medicines Agency’s assertion that ALV virus OT activity is safe is based on laboratory observations that showed that there was no viral intervention in human DNA for “the full 48 hours.” However, this kind of assurance is almost pointless on the part of the scientific community, as different cancers can develop even after many years!

In addition, it can be said that the issue of OT activity is one of the pillars of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. An article entitled “Serious Issues on the Safety and Efficacy of the Flu Vaccine” and published by the Canadian Vaccine Risk Awareness Organization reports that some studies and even some information leaflets on vaccines “warn that vaccines increase the ability to reproduce the HIV virus. ” This means that all vaccines cause a strong immunosuppressive (suppressive) effect on the immune system. Under stress, viruses become overactive and increase their ability to reproduce.

(bp – Whether HIV causes AIDS is currently the subject of heated debate among experts, biophysicists, virologists and microbiologists. On this point, take a look at the posting “2600 world scientists dispute the commonly accepted theory that HIV causes AIDS!”

However, a few things have been fully clarified today, namely: 1 / The existence of a unique HIV retrovirus has not been proven. So far, it has not been isolated in a laboratory setting! 2 / AIDS tests based on the detection of antibodies in human blood and responding to HIV-antigen are absolutely unreliable and uncertain, with thousands of misdiagnosed patients so far! Health authorities deliberately conceal information about so-called cross-reactions, in which certain non-genuine antibodies may react to the test and give the wrong result! 3 / It has been proven that strong anti-AIDS drugs, such as AZT, etc., are extremely toxic and can cause the clinical picture of AIDS. 4 / It has been proven that with the right supplements, especially antioxidants, and the right lifestyle, AIDS sufferers recover completely! 5 / According to leading researchers, one of the main causes for the clinical picture of AIDS (without taking into account the vicious lifestyle of so-called risk groups) is the artificial spread of biological agents such as MICOPlasma, viruses, bacteria, bacilli and other highly toxic substances. through vaccines, food, water, air and other means!).



According to an employee of the Federal Medicines Agency, another dangerous risk was the ability to combine the genes of the ALV virus and the smallpox virus, thus forming a completely new mutated and dangerous virus. (This also applies to swine flu H1N1 virus and any other influenza virus). In addition, the renowned British geneticist Dr Mae-Wan Ho of the Scientific Society Institute wrote that “vaccines in themselves can be dangerous, especially those containing live and attenuated viruses, as well as new recombinant nucleic acid vaccines acids that have the potential to create new dangerous viruses through recombination and cause autoimmune diseases.

During the meeting, Dr. Andrew Lewis, then head of the Virology and DNA Laboratory at the Viral Products Division, confirmed that “all vaccines made on the basis of avian embryos are contaminated … These fertilized chicken embryos carry a large number of viruses. “. Participants also realized that only a small fraction of these contaminants had been identified, so there are likely to be hundreds of other viruses yet to be detected.

Janine also discovered a report from the Centers for Desease Control (CDC) CDC from 2001 that studies have been conducted on the presence of the reverse transcriptase enzyme by the ALV and EAV retroviruses in 100 patients who received the MPR vaccine. They found an undesirable “OT activity in all vaccine batches tested by different manufacturers”. Their conclusion was that “this phenomenon is not sporadic and that vaccine recipients may be routinely exposed to these (chicken) retroviral particles.” In a report from another National Health Institute meeting, Dr. Convoy of the WHO stated that EAV viruses are found in all fertilized chicken eggs. However, no change was observed in the scientific protocol for the production of influenza, MPR and other vaccines. Because, The current H1N1 muscle swine flu vaccines released on the world market are produced on the basis of fertilized chicken embryos. These are all approved vaccines of CLS, Medimmune, Novartis and Sanofi-Pasteur, as well as those of GlaxoSmithKline approved for the US market.

The next meeting of the Federal Agency for the Medicines Agency’s Scientific and Regulatory Policy Development Division was held in Washington on September 7, 1999, without the presence of the press, but was attended by “representatives from all major public health institutions in the West.” Here are some of the summaries of key points and statements made during the meeting, as recorded by Janina Roberts in her invaluable book, Fear of the Invisible.

It has been confirmed that vaccines are “generally contaminated with parts of viral and DNA genetic material, many viruses and proteins. Concerns have been expressed that they may also contain prions (microscopic proteins responsible for certain incurable diseases and neurological disorders in humans and animals). Dr. Goldberg, one of the attendees of the meeting, said: “There are countless unknown viruses, proteins and similar particles. So far, we have identified only a small part of this micro-world, and we can only test for those already known to us. For this reason, vaccines can contain many unknown particles. ”

For his part, Dr. Andrew Lewis of the Federal Medicines Agency stated that a completely new recombined virus was obtained during the creation of an adenovaxin with SV-40 hybrid adenoviruses.

Accordingly, scientists raised the question of whether a weakened viral strain could be transformed into another virus capable of multiplying so rapidly as to cause AIDS. Everyone agreed that they could not answer that question.

When asked if mutation processes could occur in children after vaccination, the answer was: “Recombination between different viruses (including contaminants) and the genes of infected tissue culture cells is not unusual.” This means, first of all, that since it is “not uncommon” for the genes of the various contaminant viruses to recombine with the genes of living cells and to create mutations in laboratory cultures, then this process can also occur in the infant’s organism. vaccination!

Dr. Hannah Golding, director of the CBER Laboratory for the Study of Retroviruses, expressed her concern that, although it was suggested that the DNA particles that contaminate the vaccines could be dead, they could remain active and dangerous. And that means, the genetic codes of these contaminants can be combined into vaccines and create new mutated strains and pathogens.

Dr. Leonard Hayflick, a virologist at Stanford and University of California, San Francisco, expressed his concern that the usual primary culture of animal and avian embryos used in the production of vaccines created a situation where it was “clear that these cells contain many unwanted viruses, some of which are deadly to humans. ” Particularly worrying was this fact about the polio vaccine, which is still being produced based on monkey kidneys, which have contributed to widespread morbidity and mortality.

One of the UK’s leading experts on vaccines, Dr Phil Meiner, of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, noted that some batches of polio vaccine were contaminated with more SV-40 monkey viruses than genuine polioviruses. Although those who were not covered by these closed-door conversations were led to believe that the SV-40 was no longer present in polio vaccines, it was clear at this meeting that the virus was still in them. Here is another example of top-level fraud by vaccine industry and high-ranking government health officials, which directly affects the health and well-being of citizens.

Dr Rebecca Sheets of the CBER Laboratory responsible for monitoring the safety of vaccines stated that national healthcare organizations have no control over their manufacturing process. In short, they could only make recommendations, but vaccine manufacturers had the freedom to act on their own volition!

It is not possible to remove DNA contaminants from vaccines! Although DNA contamination limits were set by the Federal Drug Agency back in 1986, vaccine manufacturers have never been able to meet them! In fact, after the Centers for Disease Control decided to reduce these values ​​for cancer cell production lines, it subsequently increased 100-fold the values ​​for other DNA contaminants. Remember, however, that this level of contamination (10 nanograms) applies to a single vaccine only! And children today are vaccinated with multiple vaccines before they go to school, with each vaccine containing its own specific DNA and viral contaminants due to specific cellular substrates (bp. – In the USA, every child receives 49 vaccinations under the mandatory national vaccination program by the age of 7, including vaccination of a pregnant mother (fetus) against influenza !!! However, each flu vaccine contains the highly toxic substances formaldehyde, mercury, etc., which potentially damage the fetus in the womb !!!).

Another government official said: “I chaired the committee that licensed the measles vaccine, and this issue (with residual DNA material) was a matter of debate at the time. We searched among the recipients of the vaccine for evidence of an autoimmune response related to the DNA in that vaccine… In fact, we did not seek the evidence, but asked the manufacturing company to do so. However, they did not find any. ” But can the manufacturing company be trusted? In this case, it is clear that the health authorities do not have any documents that such a study has taken place at all.

And can DNA contamination cause cancer or autoimmune diseases? To this question, one of the participants in the meeting answered: “When you consider that most vaccines are administered intramuscularly … I don’t think there is a faster way to insert DNA into human cells than injecting it directly into muscle, as usual is done “!


Again, Dr. Rebecca Sheets emphasizes, “I think most of the licensed vaccines, including in the US, have not been tested for residual DNA material!”

More serious was the question of whether there was evidence of the presence of the frothy virus in vaccines. Sparkling virus (HFV – Human Foamy Virus, in its human form, and its more common SFV precursor – Simian Foamy Virus, from monkeys), although not infectious, is a terrible carcinogen! Much to everyone’s surprise, they were all ignorant of the fact that a laboratory had ever tested for the presence of this virus in the vaccine production process.

The meeting also confirmed that a special cell, “which in many circumstances is neoplastic (tumor causing)”, has been licensed in the US, Thailand, Belgium and France for the production of both forms of polio vaccine – injection and oral. Therefore, these vaccines carry a high risk of transmission of oncogenes.

However, in order to assess the extent of the problem of vaccine contamination, it is important to understand that their filtration must allow the specific viral passage to remain in the vaccine. And this means that other particles and pathogens that are smaller in size than the virus itself also remain in the vaccine – parts of DNA and RNA from other organisms and pathogens, cellular substrates and viral proteins.

The essence of these formal meetings is summed up in the words of one of the leading attendees, Dr. Miner, who stated the following: “So even today you have to keep in mind that many of the vaccines produced are produced from fairly crude material, -Generally speaking. And this is not about retail. Indeed, judging the materials used to make the vaccines, they are quite primitive in some respects. ” And Janina Roberts sums up her findings: “In other words, the vaccines we give our children are fluids that contain many unknown particles, most of which come from animal cells – chickens, monkeys, and even cancer cells. We really do not know what we are doing and what the lasting consequences would be! All we know for sure is

The conclusion that can be drawn from these meetings, held by national and foreign health officials regarding vaccine technologies and safety, is that these are the true genetic experiments capable of causing massive cellular damage when injected, especially in children . And many more questions remain unanswered about vaccine production technologies. They also concern swine flu vaccines, which contain the pollutants mentioned above, if we have to trust the words of the scientists present at these meetings.

          Therefore , if we are to express some awe and wonder, it must be about our natural immune system and its ability to defend itself against the fierce attacks of the various cocktails of vaccines. Because vaccines are not a miracle of science, as their manufacturers, health authorities and those who trust them, have asserted! In fact, the real miracle lies in our body’s ability to protect itself, in most cases, from alien invasion through vaccines. However, even this ability is compromised, given the dramatic growth of multiple diseases and inflammatory conditions along the entire age ladder.

Today, when most people still fall victim to the false promises of vaccine efficacy and safety, this type of pharmaceutical giant business remains extremely lucrative. However, more and more vaccines are being created for a wide range of diseases and infectious diseases – chlamydia, herpes simplex type 2, West Nile virus, Epstein-Bar virus and others, which will only lead to more complications, especially in children who by the age of 18 months should receive 36 vaccinations! As new and new genetic poisons are added to the National Health Agency’s recommended vaccination program, the critical point will finally be reached, which will inevitably lead to the outbreak of a vaccine-induced pandemic. This will be a pandemic, in which millions of people will develop diseases depending on their individual genetic predisposition and the state of their immune system. A pandemic that will result in our so-called advanced and hygienic society, far more frightening than any epidemic caused by infectious wildlife pathogens, including swine flu.


Janina Roberts’ book Fear of the Invisible, as well as a Gary Nahl interview with Janina Roberts on August 19, 2009 at the Gary Nahl Show.

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Richard Gayle, Dr. Gary Nahl, September 28, 2009


        Richard Gayle is the executive producer of the Progressive Radio Network radio station and a former senior fellow in the gene industry. Dr. Gary Nahl is a presenter on the popular public radio program on Nutrition and Natural Medicine, as well as the producer of award-winning documentaries, including Vaccine Nation and Autism – Made in the USA …