The Last Bulgarian – Book 1; Chapter 4: “Two twin brothers from different mothers” by Marian Ivanov


The stars in the sky could be seen so brightly that they illuminated the whole stranger of the Traveler. Leaning against a wooden gag, he watched and dreamed. Once again, he embarked on memories of a time gone by when he was young and resilient. He imagined that every sparkle in the sky was the epitome of some of the Great perished for the sake of all-human well-being. And now they shimmer more than ever to warn us and announce that change is near, at our fingertips – we just have to reach out and grab it. Even though he predicted that his end was near, the old man refused to surrender before he had done his duty. contemplates the vault of heaven,

Would it help ?! Will his experience and knowledge be buried with him ?! Will the cry for help made by prayer in the night, hollow silence toward the heavens be heard, or will silence reign as the skyscraper is empty in the early, dewy rays ?! Is it ?! Is it ?! Is it ?!

“Ah, how grateful a man is,” sighed the old man, speaking softly to himself!

– The bones …! The bones were left in the bowels of the earth so that we could breathe freely, have a future, have a choice, and we… We, in our grand daily routine, forgot to see, to listen, to feel. Hell, even when the ant meets an ant stop it, greet it with its small paces and show where there is food. And we eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat and eat. We want to drain it to the last phosphorus particle! Human eaters…. eater society!

The old man’s soul could not find rest and wandered through the net of discoveries. He sought and never stopped answering to himself – WHY! Why do we become the monsters of our worst childhood nightmares. Dreams in which the child is hiding under the bed or yelling at his mother for help. Tortures that do not give us the peace to close our eyes. There are many forms of fear, and when a person is small he blurts out the ghosts of his torment, leaving them in the corner of his childhood consciousness, but when he grows up he takes the place of one particular Phantom whose purpose is to embody fear in the soul of another and he right! It does more than good. Emerging from the deepest depths of our mind, these shadows materialize and return with interest for suffering. DON’T be a cruel man … DON’T BE! Benevolence is a quality inherent in the strong. Donation is inherent in leaders. Love is needed for dreamers. Honesty is a must for the rich. We all need dignity, but few draw on the juices of the fountain of virtue.

We hide when we are children. We rebel when we are teenagers. We fight when we are young. We reconcile when we grow tall and lose weight, but we never stop burying our heads in the sand like ostriches. We often fail to pick the right fights too, usually surrendering one step before victory, constantly dissatisfied with the hidden, regularly finding fault in another, but not in ourselves, never taking responsibility and constantly avoiding the obstacles that divide us from success .

The old Gavrailov could not explain these mental anguish to his grandson, whose worldview was far more limited than his. In a world of fairy tales, dreams and fantasy, there was no place for a life of bitterness, all of which come from losers! Insomnia and silhouettes tormented Gavrailov, senior. She was panicked about whether it would be time for him to finish the Message. Fear did not chase him from death, even expecting her as a welcome, beloved, and beloved guest. But now every second was important. In his head the words said: “I hope I succeed! I must succeed! I need to succeed! ”

Krum circled the courtyard of the house like a closed tiger, waiting to jump out of the cage and tear his victim apart! At one point after 15 minutes of circling, he felt himself dizzy and sat down on his favorite chair under the porch. He dozed off for thirty minutes but woke up with a loud baby laugh. His heir stared at him while he slept, climbing over him and enjoying his sleeping grandfather through the art he practiced on him. Under art, understand Simeoncho’s habit of drawing a man’s mustache with a marker. Seeing the “brush” of his birth, the old man also grinned to his ears because he knew the consequences.

“Ehh, pawl… he escaped me, huh? He cried out to me. This time you win, but it’s too late already, it’s past midnight … Why don’t you sleep? Asked the white-haired Bulgarian very indifferently!

“I don’t sleep, Grandpa,” the excuse child began, “I dream terrible paintings and wake up constantly.” I can’t stop thinking about Boryana and Tervel. What about their grandfather. Will they get married? Will they have children? Will they be as happy as the fables you read to me, Mom? It gives me no peace and I want to hear the continuation of my grandfather, please. I need to know!

“It’s late now, baby,” the old man hastened to cool his enthusiasm, “we’ll continue tomorrow.” I promise!

– NO! Now! Now! Now! Simeon’s voice spread throughout the neighborhood, echoing in the Balkans.

The old man knew that his heir was rather stubborn, so he refused to argue with him, and the flame in the eyes of Gavrailov, Jr., was sufficient motivation for each guardian to grant his child’s request. And here it is! The new chapter began to be written like everyone else’s. A childhood curiosity and an eagerness of pride crossed the threshold of overture and headed for the shining, bright stars, where the Cosmos had no boundaries….


It’s official now! The whole family already knew about Boryana’s pregnancy, and her father’s anger could only be compared to the legendary fury of Achilles from the Iliad. In his attempts to preserve the honor of the Apostolic family, Petko has strictly forbidden any contact of his daughter with the outside world. A small room with four white walls and a small window with an iron grille turned out to be Boryanka’s prison. All the oaths, petitions, promises, and repentances did not induce her father to accept the village Daskal. And it couldn’t be his only female lineage to land a poor teacher who had nothing else to do besides the clothes on his back. Whether out of shame or excessive pride, the head of the Apostles family was adamant in the tears of his daughter. She refused to put up with all this parody of love longings, and Boryana had long been promised another,

On the day Apostolov learned of his child’s pregnancy, he stopped to visit. His home became a real fortress after increasing the height of the bar by half a meter. Unfortunately, all his attempts to keep his secret failed. Soon the whole village suspected what had happened. And as proof of her guess, Boryana was expected to appear either with an enlarged abdomen or with a baby in her arms, but she never went outside the house gates. Desperate to keep her name, Petko offered her daughter a commodity on the domestic market, where the bidder took the trophy and took it home. He even went to the surrounding town, but there he struck a stone. Of course, he did everything carefully and secretly, because besides his disgraced name and his head, he was also very likely to fall because of his daughter’s disobedience. In the end, all of Apostolov’s restrictive measures failed, and he waited for the reaction of the district authorities. The inhabitants of the village of Zhentven were also silent and waiting. They knew that the consequences would not be imposed on only one family, but on all. Some justified the lovers for their action, but most condemned and spat on them. Fear began to be planted more and more permanently in the hearts of the altars, and this led to unwise and foolish actions. Fear is the worst advisor, but this is what the villagers of the small Balkan village would personally experience on their backs! Some justified the lovers for their action, but most condemned and spat on them. Fear began to be planted more and more permanently in the hearts of the altars, and this led to unwise and foolish actions. Fear is the worst advisor, but this is what the villagers of the small Balkan village would personally experience on their backs! Some justified the lovers for their action, but most condemned and spat on them. Fear began to be planted more and more permanently in the hearts of the altars, and this led to unwise and foolish actions. Fear is the worst advisor, but this is what the villagers of the small Balkan village would personally experience on their backs!


Tervel made many attempts to meet and even take Boryana with him. On two occasions, he even ate a solid amount of fights from his beloved brothers, though Peter was trying to save him rather than punish him. Until recently, the united Apostles’ family was now torn apart by differences and positions. Many people advised the teacher to retreat and leave for the city, and maybe even return to Paris to forget Boryana, but the teacher simply refused to reconcile. She couldn’t breathe without her. Every day when Tervel did not see Borian’s eyes, his life shortened by a year.

“Fat head” was what he was called in the village! The tutor never gave up. Between the Louvre and the Village Board, he chose the more difficult path that would take him to Calvary.

Nine months rolled around like nothing. Boryana gave birth, and the inhabitants of Sacrificial fed their hatred and contempt and gradually became angry to the utmost. This was due to the impunity of Tervel and Boryana, who had so far not received sanctions from Turkish local rulers. The Ottoman authorities had only heard rumors about what was going on in the village, but did not accept these intrigues as a serious argument for a check. Meanwhile, Apostolov took down the guard and allowed Tervel to see his child, and with him his mother. For a certain period of time, he calmed down and looked more at the vicissitudes of life, and when black thoughts came upon him, he chased them away with his favorite leitmotif:

“What the hell ?! Grandchildren, son-in-law-in-law – it’s my time. There should be a continuation of the lineage, and the young man is smart, healthy – there will be good seed. And my daughter is nice and slim, she will have a healthy generation. Good thing they found themselves! ‘ Repeated this refrain Petko repeatedly, promising himself that nothing bad would happen. The harmonious equinox continued for about a year, but surprising news shook the foundations of the village of Zhentven…

“Good afternoon, Mr. Suleiman Oglu,” the young man greeted politely, removing his hat from his head and bowing reverently with a ballet step!

“Good afternoon,” Bey replied, without even looking up from the papers he was signing.

“Command, command! Sit down!” Repeated the agate twice to propel his guest to a more conversational conversation. “What brings you here?”

“I have an important message for you, sir!” I come from the village of Sacrific, ”answered the young man, without looking up from the ground, nuzzling his hat in his hand.

“The village of Zherven you say,” he gazed in amazement at the pasture still dealing with the documents. “Nothing happens there.” Quiet, calm – I wish I lived there. Far from the tension, the obligations, the mumbling of the High Gate and the piles of paper I have to process. Honest boy, I would trade your life with yours. You are young and healthy – the future is ahead of you. I’ll feed the goats and cows in the countryside and I won’t care about what’s happening in the empire. Well, with a little more luck, I might even experience the Liberation of the Motherland.

A sultry smile crept into Suleiman’s face. He stared at the young Bulgarian, as if testing him to examine his every reaction.

– No, my lord, no! Said the young man. The local district chief clenched his eyebrows, raised his head slightly, and waited for the Bulgarian’s response.

– No, this scenario cannot be developed. You’ve been here 500 years. Each of our uprisings ends in failure. You are smarter, stronger, fitter, more ambitious and wiser than we are. You are the prospect, and Bulgaria is long gone. And it looks like it won’t be around for another 5 centuries. That is why your reasoning borders on fantasy.

Bey’s smile grew even larger. Convinced of the loyalty of the Bulgarian as a subject of his beloved Ottoman Empire, he stopped asking him misleading questions and began to open the letter that had been decorating the governor’s desk for twenty minutes.

“Let’s see what bothers the altars so much that they turn to the governing body. There must be some trifle, Agatha thought, reading the telegram superficially. He went through it once, but apparently thinking the mess was back and re-reading the note a second time. Shortly before the last paragraph was over, the Turkish man stood up to his full height and was clearly visible in his low but heavily packed body. He glanced at the letter with a barely audible voice:

“Is this all true?”

– From the first to the last letter. Come and see for yourself, sir! Said the youth even more quietly.

“Get out and wait for me,” the governor ordered. That said! It’s done! The young Bulgarian stepped outside and waited for the owner to appear.

The face of the 40-year-old deceased turned red. He clutched the letter and brushed his teeth.

– Boryana … Boryana! She had to be mine … mine! I was promised it, and now I’m lied to…

The pasture was shaking with nerves. He didn’t believe his eyes what he had just read. He put his red fez on his head, strapped his yataghan, and left the local konak for quick leaps.

– On horses! The governor shouted, and 50 men immediately obeyed the order.

“You, the gourmand, will ride with me.” Show me the way and watch where you take us so that your gourd doesn’t fall first!

The loss of the thugs set off for Sacrificial. For an hour and a half they didn’t stop us once for a break. Suleiman Pasha took the entire distance in one go. Agatha could not wait to see face to face those who transgressed the orders of the Sultan, subjects. 90 minutes later here he is. A small village at the foot of the mountain, which, like a fearsome giant, casts a shadow over the Sacrificial Sacrifice and encloses it in its black mantle.

– Stop it! The Turk yelled for the second time and issued another order. Here is a lesson from you gentlemen! For paradise and its rulers. We do not need to constantly monitor and listen to the unjust attitude of this Christian heathen to the empire and the viziers. All we have to do is lay the road with “good intentions”. And… the vendors are coming alone. Traitors for some… Friends for others… Chess game, gentlemen… Some are pawns, others are Kings and everyone chooses which figure to represent on the chessboard, where like life you can go out with your head held high or bent low in two to you look at the earth. That’s right! Chess and mat – life is over! Now, colleagues, we deserve our wages! 40 people to make a hoop around the village. The other 10 are with me.

In fact, in the column, the commas were being built and, following a whistle signal, they executed the command.

The commander stood with his 10 subordinates at the gate of the Apostles and shouted for the third time:

– Boryanaaaaa! Boryanahhhh! The cry echoed in the village. Boryana’s father was in the courtyard of the house when he heard the cry of Bey’s blood freeze! His face became a deadly pale. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. His voice was painfully familiar. The plot too. He knew how the whole action would unfold. If he escaped like a coward the whole village would have carried the whip to the Turk anyway, if that was the end of it!

“Well, this is it. We’re done. ”Apostolov thought. I had a good time – such thoughts ran through the rush through his head.

He grabbed the door handle, but at that moment his wife tugged at him.

– Are you crazy?! They will blow you away!

“Keep Boryana and the children … I’ll be fine,” Petko replied calmly.

He slammed the door open and walked out, and outraged men attacked him as a command. Old Apostolov’s sons tried to help him, but they also shared their father’s fate. They ate a solid amount of fighting Petko Apostolov and his children stood tied up in the center of the village. The sting that formed the pack of blood-thirsty hyenas made all the altars come out to the pond. Boryana was also there wrapping her baby in her arms, tears streaming down her face, looking at what they had done to her family. Dad was still looking at her with the same balanced and fair look that said, “Relax! Everything will be fine! You are not guilty, do not regret anything that happens! ”

The ten Turkish soldiers hit some and another slap on the lawbreakers they alleged to have attacked and then urinated on them. The bay was full! Suleiman the Almighty took center stage in the middle of the circle made by the peasants. As a true herald, she put her hands on her waist, spread her legs, and spoke in a high tone.

– And so! Some of the perpetrators of the law have been punished, which I think is light. Two more left! Boryana and some Tervel. Love pigeons – teasingly called them agate – if you do not come out within two minutes, your so-called relatives will carry far tougher sanctions than the ones executed here. And I start – 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5..

While the agate was counting Boryana’s brothers and signaled not to betray, but she did not betray her ardent character.

– Wait! Shouted some of the crowd, and Boryana came out with her son in her arms. Two seconds later, Tervel followed her.

The sultan’s contractor stood before her and grabbed her chin with her hand, raising her head and slightly up.

“You’ve been pretty since last time we met. She knew very well that she had been promised to me. But not! You decided to get on that rag! Am I not good enough for you? Nice enough? Or intelligent? … What? The chief called out in his face.

“Given that you knew about my spousal rights over you, you slept with this guy. And according to the interpretation of the law, it can be assumed that you have cheated on me. And treason is punished very strictly according to Turkish customs. But this time, maybe I’ll make an exception and your punishment will be different from the conventional one.

– And you courageous! – immediately turned the military action turkey in the direction of the teacher – your luck is running out. What did you think, that everything will pass you by and meekly and quietly continue to sow the “seeds” of your victory. A goat with a sheep heart – the agate never stopped pouring insults against the dazzle, and he still looked meekly at nothing.

This behavior of the educator irritated to the maximum agate, and he smacked in his face:

– What kind of people were you ?! A Turk would never tolerate being told in his face. You would fight and defend with words or with the edge of your sword, and you are silent like cattle. A dog that is a dog defends its territory when attacked by enemies, and you…. you silent monuments of the pummyar and criminal horde whisper, cry, or silence. You deserve not to have been born – with your hands clenched in fists, the teacher waited most humbly to pass the Ottoman observational speech and went on the offensive.

– Interesting! Said Tervel as the agate took in a sip of air. This reassured him, and he looked at the teacher in amazement, for the slave should be silent, not opposed. Such are the roles in their Viennese waltz.

“What’s interesting to him?” Prompted Suleiman with a softer tone.

– It is interesting, my dear sir, that you, as an intermediary between us Bulgarians and the Ottoman government, take the position of the vanquished.

Everyone here thought that the tutor was out and tried to stop him, but he continued.

“Pour criticism on me, on my loved ones, on my neighbors, on my people, but I have to explain something to you before continuing this parody of lawsuit. We both know how this will all end, so I will save you all the effort of torturing your fingers to kill me. Here are the facts! You are proudly called the children of the Ottoman Empire. On this same Great Power whose hands are tainted with liters of blood by millions of innocents – mostly women, old men and children. The winner and the master do not go with the sword and the scimitar, but the necessary qualities are incomprehensible to your ethnicity. Yes, you will say that you have been ruling these lands for 5 centuries, but I will object and explain that the true champion is not born with victories but with the paths in which he loses and is overthrown and finds the strength to stand. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit and how many heads you hit, but first and foremost, it matters how much you can bear and how much life you can save. You talk about courage and courage, but let me ask you Goliath or is David bolder? A giant with natural, natural power or the dwarf, who dared to oppose the stronger, though he knew there was no chance.

“Bulgaria will have it again!

Remember those words that you

calls this man facing

the face of death and proud as

Prometheus of the Gods opposed,

so Bulgarian empire in your pocket

will cramp.

A year or two after my end,

I will know that Paradise will be here again.

One that Shishman remembers before he comes

Bayazid with yataghan!

– We will rise again to life from the ashes and the homeland, and my people will strengthen and burst forth. We will be stronger, more knowledgeable, more capable, and in anticipation alert to the next dictator, who will release his tentacles to take our liberty! Amen!

All the Bulgarians heard these words came over. They wanted to shout in one voice, “Yes!” We can guess for ourselves what thoughts went through the governor’s head as he listened to those words.

Heaven has self-confidence! There’s memory! There is consciousness, courage and will. Slaves are waking up, and this prototype is the most dangerous to me. It pushes for rebellion, for change. Complain to Allah’s deputy himself! It must be eliminated in a flash. Blasphemy and insubordination, what better reason for killing this cockroach. And a bunch of like-minded arrows slipped through the nerve endings of the pasture

She couldn’t believe it, much less comprehend the teacher’s behavior. In two swift motions, he knocked the teacher down and pulled out his sword.

“In the name of the Most High and the All-seeing, I condemn you to death by beheading your disobedience and denying the Sultan’s ownership of your pathetic personality and peace of mind. To burn in Jehenema, unbeliever! Allah Akbar!

With one swipe, Suleiman tore the teacher’s head from his shoulders. The Daskalian’s head slammed into the dust, and splashes of blood bathed the shoes of the Almighty. Boryana fell to the convulsing body of her beloved, who managed to say at her death, “I’ll see you on the other side!” The Apostles’ daughter was holding Tervel’s hand with all her might, and her child in the other.

Wiping the blade in its long woolen shroud, the agate turned to Boryana and said triumphantly:

“Choose men more carefully the next time.” Now it’s your turn to pay!

Boryana stood up proudly. The blondes and hair fell over their shoulders like sunlight, expecting to join the teacher in Valhalla, but the Turk picked up his sword and looked as meekly as a wolf – confident of victory, looking at a lamb, spoke:

– No! You are mistaken! I will not kill you, you will pay your child blood loan!

Before attempting to object, Suleiman plucked the baby from his mother’s arms, knocking her to the ground and spitting her. With two quick strides, the agate threw itself on its horse, and Boryana’s brothers still unsuccessfully tried to break free to stop the Ottomans. Some will ask, and what the altars were doing during this time, were they still numb with fear and dare not take a step so that they would not lose their “precious” life!

“You will never see him again,” hissed at his mother, “Never!” He repeated.

– Yes, it does! The thug issued his last order and his subordinates set fire to the houses in the village. Great illumination was obtained. Agatha drove away with her horse and the loss.

Boryana was still holding Terwell’s hand, but suddenly she was startled. He heard a child’s voice from the house and ran into the burning props. Meanwhile, the brothers and father were doing everything they could to put out the fires. A few minutes later Boryanka came out of the house soot and panting. She was still clutching a blanket in her hands. A baby crying came from her. She unrolled the blanket and a beautiful baby face appeared from there.

In fact, this was the brother of Boryana’s just-kicked child. On that fateful evening, when the evening shone brighter than ever, she gave birth to a variety of twins who looked alike, only by the birth mark on her right shoulder. Like the star that illuminated the celestial vault at the birth of Christ, so did all the host of heavens celebrate the appearance of the Bulgarian Savior.

Sometimes fate is favorable to us, sometimes not. We also often have to sacrifice our gains or outlook to achieve our victory, and Boryana did the same. She knew that at some point she would have to pay her “bill”, which is why, under the benevolent gaze of parents and siblings, she kept her children secret, so if they lost, they would only take one, but now to save her remaining son she had to say goodbye to him, though she did not suspect that this time the lot was on his side…


Thus, the two first-born sons of Boryana and Tervel were separated. Their tale ended quickly, as it began. The fountain at the end of the village was still laconic and quietly awaiting their appearance, but alas they did not fit into Fortuna’s accounts. It would be a long time before another couple in love visited the whitewashed building, but by then the will and honor of an entire nation would be at stake…

The sacrificial will be able to recover from the feverish one in the heat of the heat, but it will never be the same again. Betrayal, love, hatred and repentance. Our story first started, fasten your seat belts! Amen!


CHAPTER 5: Gladiator Games




CHAPTER 9: “From Anathema to Osanna”